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The Membership Process is a simple four step process


A fully completed TYC Membership Application must be submitted to the Board of Directors or the TYC Membership Committee. (Here's the link to the "TYC Membership Application" form)


Your application will be "posted" for fourteen (14) days in the TYC Clubhouse and/or posted electronically for our general members to review. During this posting period, members will have an opportunity to comment on perspective members to the Board of Directors.



During or after the posting period, an interview will be scheduled with the Board of Directors. This interview is normally scheduled as soon as possible after receipt of the application and generally during one of the regularly scheduled Board meetings held on the first Monday of each month. At the interview, you will be presented with detailed information about TYC, slip availability, and requirements on your part if accepted as a TYC member.



After the interview process, the Board of Directors will direct the TYC Secretary to mail you a notification of its decision regarding your application. If approved, an invoice from the TYC Bookkeeper will also be mailed to you requesting payment of your initiation fee & membership dues. Sending this in promptly is important, official seniority date within the club is based on your application date, as long as your invoice is paid within (30) days.